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Prevention & Family Dentistry

We understand the importance of having a smile that you aren’t afraid to show off and know how the health of your teeth can also play a vital role in your overall well-being, which is why we make preventive care a priority for everyone – whatever their age.

We have a team of five dedicated Oral Health Educators who provide informative appointments, FREE OF CHARGE, to all our registered patients. This proactive approach to your dental care was inspired by the Childsmile programme, an NHS Scotland scheme that aims to improve the oral health of young children by encouraging good dental health habits. We share this ethos with all our patients, not just children under six, and will do all we can to help everyone achieve healthy teeth and gums for life.

Tots to teenagers

The dental care journey begins with the very youngest members of Fairmilehead Dental practice. We believe children should join us as early as possible so they are unfazed by dental appointments. It also means they will be more comfortable about receiving treatments such as fluoride varnishes and sealants, which will lead to less anxiety about visiting the dentist as they grow up.

We educate children (and their parents) about the importance of oral health and tailor the message and cleaning techniques to each different age group:

Children 0 – 6 years

The early years are vital for establishing dental cleaning routines to keep teeth healthy. We offer a dedicated Oral Health Education appointment to each child under six in line with the Childsmile guidelines.

This excellent initiative has been introduced into schools and nurseries across Scotland and by complying with its core oral health message, we are making sure our young patients stay cavity free.

Children 6 – 12 years

At present, NHS Childsmile addresses the oral health of children under six but we continue to provide the benefits of this programme, for FREE, after the age of six.

As an additional service, to promote better oral health, we offer a free annual oral health appointment to every child in this age group. This is on top of the six monthly dental check-up appointments with our dentists. We also continue to apply free fluoride varnishes to those teeth at risk of tooth decay.

This is an important stage of your child’s development as adult teeth are starting to erupt and will need suitable protection. Your dentist will also check for any orthodontic issues and if necessary your child will be referred to our orthodontist, Eirini Papadima, who will plan and arrange any necessary treatment.

Children 12 – 18

As children start going to senior school, their oral health may be more at risk as increased independence and a little money in their pocket may lead to unhealthy food choices. Also they may play more contact sports leading to possible tooth damage and an over consumption of sugar laden energy drinks.

This is the time when their adult teeth emerge, so we keep an eye on your older child’s teeth to preserve and enhance their oral health. We will send reminder for two check ups per year and we will provide fluoride applications and fissure sealants where necessary.

At all ages, we can take dental radiographs to identify any early damage so we can minimise the risk of decay and if necessary step up any preventive treatments. We also continue to offer a free annual oral health appointment with our Oral Health Educators so we can identify any dietary issues and improve tooth brushing techniques.

We also offer Denplan Care for children, offering a bespoke programme of prevention, education and restorative treatment if necessary.


Our main aim is to help you achieve the lifelong preservation of your teeth and gums. This means we want to see you regularly and, along with our hygienists, offer a comprehensive programme of preventive care including advice about interdental cleaning, dietary choices and improving your daily oral health routines.

We look for early signs of damage or deterioration in your teeth or gums and offer options to stop any such problems from getting any worse. As we are a private practice, we can dedicate more clinical time to you so you can be sure of exceptional dentistry and reassuring preventive care.

Our ultimate goal: see us twice yearly for your check-ups and hygiene visits!

Periodontal Care

The health of your gums and other tissues surrounding your teeth is vital for the maintenance of your dental health, so we constantly monitor this and intervene as early as possible if we spot any problems.

At the same time, your routine care at home plays an ESSENTIAL part in preventing periodontal deterioration and our Oral Health Educators and Dental Hygienists will teach you some of the most effective teeth cleaning techniques. We also stock an extensive range of products so you can effectively maintain your oral health.

Hygiene appointments

Our experienced dental hygienists will professionally clean your teeth (known as a scale and polish) to remove plaque and tartar, reducing your risk of developing gum disease. They can also air polish the gaps between your teeth for extra protection and a brighter smile.

As well as providing a refreshing deep clean, our hygienists will also inspect your gums for any signs of disease as this can lead to tooth loss or damage to the jawbone. If we have any concerns, your hygienist will liaise with your dentist to discuss the best way of restoring optimum oral health.

They will also offer useful oral health advice and show you how to use dental cleaning tools such as toothbrushes, floss and interdental brushes.

A visit to the hygienist should become just as much a part of your routine dental care as your dental check-ups. It’s also important to remember that dental hygiene can affect the whole of your body, not just your mouth, as periodontal disease has been linked to a number of other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and joint deterioration.

Patient Testimonial…

“I have visited many practices over the years & must say Fairmilehead Dental Practice is one of the best I’ve been to. From entering the beautiful waiting, the warm welcome from the reception team right down to the range of oral health products available. The attention to detail is absolutely first class. An absolute pleasure to visit!.”

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The practice started as a new venture in August 1993. Our level of expertise now means that we can offer you an affordable and high quality solution to any dental problem you may have.

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We are a Denplan Excel Accredited practice and our caring and experienced team takes your dental health very seriously offering expert oral health care and treatment options for everyone.

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Please feel free to contact the a member of the team at the practice to arrange a free consultation with our Treatment Co-Ordinator who will meet with you to discuss and explain your treatment options.

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We ensure our dental care is available to all by providing excellent disabled facilities including designated parking and easy wheelchair access. Get in touch for more information.

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