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General Dentistry

Preserving your natural teeth may require restorative treatment where damage is detected. In the first place, we will try to identify the cause so that changes to your home care routine can be made to prevent these factors from affecting your other teeth in the future. Secondly, we may arrange an appointment with one of our Oral Health Educators to enhance your care programme. Thirdly, we will consider a restorative solution to repair the damage to your teeth with “minimal intervention”.

Minimal Intervention

Minimal intervention has been our restorative policy for over 20 years. As your dentist, we will select the best material to return your teeth to health and stability.

1. Resin composite

We will normally select tooth coloured restorative materials to preserve the aesthetics of your smile. The modern generation of bonding agents and the range of aesthetic composites now available mean that we can match your natural teeth very closely (if not perfectly!)

2. Inlays – Crowns & Bridges

These are used to restore larger volumes of your damaged tooth. Using Zirconia, composite and glass-based materials we can regain the shape and colour of your natural teeth. We work with highly skilled dental technicians who fabricate these restorations to be bonded onto your tooth. Our Chromoscopic sensor enables us to very accurately transfer the colours of your natural teeth to the technician so that we can reproduce the aesthetics of your natural teeth.

Bridges will often link two teeth together spanning a space or gap. This can be a very successful solution when the adjacent teeth allow this technique to be used.

3. Periodontal Care

Central to the maintenance of your dental health, your periodontal health is fundamental. At Fairmilehead Dental Practice, your dentists will constantly monitor your periodontal health and intercept problems as early as possible.

Your routine home care is essential in preventing periodontal deterioration. Our Oral Health Educators and Dental Hygienists will be able to guide you with the best tooth brushing techniques. We stock an extensive range of oral health products that we have found to be effective in helping you maintain the best oral health.

Dental Hygiene Appointments

I introduced a dental hygienist to my general practice in 1989, much to the surprise of my patients back then! Since starting Fairmilehead Dental Practice in 1993, I have worked closely with my dental hygienists to provide the following:

There are some periodontal problems that we will encounter where your dentist will have to plan more complex care than the hygienist can offer. These treatments often improve the ease of access to clean between teeth and stabilise your gum tissues for the future.

Endodontic Care

Endodontic care will involve removing infected tissue from within the tooth. This is commonly called “root canal therapy”. In the majority of cases, our careful use of dental anaesthesia will enable us to control any discomfort. Ultimately, the purpose of this treatment is to preserve the tooth.

“My family and I been coming here for many years and I find the quality of the dentist work excellent ,particularly the way I discuss my treatment with the dentist and participate in decisions. The front office staff are friendly and flexible helping me with emergencies and the like.”

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What Makes Us Different

Years Of Experience

The practice started as a new venture in August 1993. Our level of expertise now means that we can offer you an affordable and high quality solution to any dental problem you may have.

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Denplan Accredited

We are a Denplan Excel Accredited practice and our caring and experienced team takes your dental health very seriously offering expert oral health care and treatment options for everyone.

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Free Consultations

Please feel free to contact the a member of the team at the practice to arrange a free consultation with our Treatment Co-Ordinator who will meet with you to discuss and explain your treatment options.

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Disabled Access

We ensure our dental care is available to all by providing excellent disabled facilities including designated parking and easy wheelchair access. Get in touch for more information.

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