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Teeth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is a process of removing stains and darkening of natural teeth using combinations of peroxide and carbamide chemicals to cause the “whitening” of your teeth. It is a regulated and controlled prescribed treatment that can only be delivered correctly by a qualified registered dentist. Anyone else prescribing tooth whitening is contravening GDC regulations and potentially risks damaging your teeth or gums as the products may not be regulated in the necessary way.

Tooth whitening does work and is an extremely effective process for reducing the darkness of teeth and enhancing your overall smile and appearance. There are many approaches to tooth whitening but the ones we favour in Fairmilehead are providing you with purpose-made whitening trays that will contain the whitening gels around your teeth for the prescribed period of time to obtain the best effect. How long you should wear the trays will depend on the darkness and level of staining that your teeth have acquired over your lifetime. Obviously, smoking and dark foods such as red wine, tea and coffee do have a profound effect on colouring your teeth.

The Process

  1. Your dentist will examine your teeth and confirm that you are suitable for a whitening treatment.
  2. Impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth.
  3. We will fabricate trays dedicated to fit your teeth in our laboratory.
  4. We will instruct you on how to place and remove your trays and how to apply the gel within the tray.
  5. We will monitor your progress and provide you with the advice necessary during the course of your treatment.
  6. There are side effects which can include sensitivity and tissue irritation. We will guide you with appropriate treatment should this happen and ensure that you are using the technique correctly.
  7. After your period of whitening, we will recommend you maintain your routine dental examination appointments and your hygiene appointments. This will help preserve your whitening and reduce the likelihood of extrinsic staining affecting your teeth.
  8. It may be necessary to re-whiten your teeth in the future but we will re-examine how your teeth have changed since your whitening and offer you the correct advice.
  9. If you have existing crowns, veneers or bridgework, whitening will generally not work on these teeth but our air polishing systems can remove staining in between your teeth and can markedly enhance your appearance.
  10. If you are still unhappy about the overall appearance of your whitened teeth, please remember that some teeth will whiten more than others and it may be appropriate to examine the option of fine ceramic veneers to achieve the effect that you desire.

Your planned whitening treatment

We suggest a thorough dental scaling with one of our hygienists as the best way of starting your whitening treatment. Our dental scaling along with air polishing will remove extrinsic staining and allow the whitening gels to penetrate your teeth.

We will demonstrate how to apply the whitening gels to your trays and instruct you on maintaining and cleaning your trays during your treatment. Normally we will take photographs at the beginning and on completion of your treatment so that we can accurately evaluate your treatment and keep a record for the future.

Used correctly and under the supervision of your dental practice, safety studies show that whitening teeth is a safe and effective process. The modern whitening gels are significantly better than those unregulated gels that have been available over the internet and we would recommend not using any other whitening gels which may risk or damage your teeth or gums. Please discuss this with your dentist if you have any concerns.

We will show you examples of our whitening successes and hope that we can satisfy your wish to have a brighter and whiter smile.

The whitening system that we use is Philips Zoom! NiteWhite which has been fully accepted for professional tooth whitening. It contains the equivalent of 5.79% hydrogen peroxide and is delivered in a 16% carbamide peroxide buffered gel. This gel is important to deliver the peroxide at the right concentration for the most effective whitening to your teeth. We do not believe that the “in surgery whitening” is sufficiently effective as it always needs to have subsequent home whitening treatment. The in-surgery whitening also uses a stronger gel that can increase the risk of sensitivity in many cases.

Please be reassured in our confidence of the Philips Zoom! NiteWhite system. We have been using this product for many years and have achieved great results.

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